Wednesday, February 02, 2011

1 Peter 3:1-12 Bible Study Questions

Here are a few questions to help prepare for lesson 5 of the Strength for the Struggle class. If you are not in the class, hopefully these questions will be useful for your own private study

1. In our culture, does the word “submit” have a negative or a positive connotation?

2. How should knowing that Jesus “submitted” to the Father, change our understanding of the word “submit?”

3. (V.1) What reason does Peter give for wives submitting to their husbands even if their husband do not obey the word?

4. (V. 2) What does “respectful and pure conduct” look like?

5. (V. 3) Some focus on external beauty seems to be okay, but what or where is the line that Peter does not want us to cross?

6. (V. 6) What were some of Sarah’s qualities that women would admire?

7. (V. 7) What does it look like for a Husband to show honor to his wife?

8. (V. 7) What does Peter mean when he refers to the woman as the “weaker vessel?”

9. (V.7) What does Peter mean when he talks about prayers being hindered?

10. (V. 8) What does a “tender heart” and a “humble mind” look like in practice?

11. (V. 10) What does it mean to “love life” and “see good days?”

12. (V. 12) Why should the fact that the “eyes of the Lord are on the righteous” comfort us?

13. (V.13) What does it mean if “the face of the Lord is against” someone?

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