Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1 Peter 2:1-12 Bible Study Questions

Here are a few questions to help prepare for lesson 3 of the Strength for the Struggle class. If you are not in the class, hopefully they will be useful for your own private study

1. (V. 3) What does it mean to “taste that the Lord is good?”

2. (V. 5) Why are we called “living stones” and a “spiritual house?”

3. (V. 5) What are “spiritual sacrifices?”

4. (V. 7) What encouragement can believers find in Peter quoting “The stone that the builder rejected has become the chief cornerstone?”

5. (V. 8) What does it mean that they were “destined” to “stumble?”

6. (V. 9) Who is Peter calling a “chosen race” and why does Peter tell us this?

7. (V.9) What is the “darkness” out of which we were called?

8. (V9) Who are the “people for his own possession?” Jews, Gentiles, or the Church (Jews and Gentiles).

9. (V. 9) What is the “marvelous light?”

10. (V. 11) How do the passions of the flesh war against the soul?

11. (V. 12) When Peter speaks of the “Gentiles,” to whom is he referring?

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