Thursday, January 06, 2011

First Peter 1:1-12 Bible Study Questions (Strength for the Struggle Lesson 1)

For those of you who will be attending the class this weekend, or if you simply would like to do a Bible study on the first half of 1 Peter chapter 1, here are a few questions to help us begin thinking through the text. The translation used when putting these questions together was the ESV. One thing to keep in mind when going through these questions, is that some of these are not designed to be answered with quick easy answers. They are designed to open up further study and discussion.

To whom is this book written?

What does Peter mean when he says "the sprinkling with blood?"

What does it mean that God "caused us to be born again?"

Why does he call it a "living hope?"

What is being kept for us?

What does it mean when it says we are being guarded (kept)?

What does it mean that we are guarded (kept) through faith?

What is going to be revealed in the last time?

What is the significance of the word "grieved" when Peter mentions the trials we may need to face?

What does Peter mean when he speaks of the “testing of our faith” or the “trial of our faith”?

Why is faith more precious than gold?

What may these trial result in?

Why does Peter place emphasis on the fact that we have not seen Him?

What is the outcome of our faith?

In verses 3-9, which of the following does Peter mention; that we have been saved, are being saved, and/or will be saved?

What did the prophets do regarding this salvation?

What Spirit was in the prophets, and is this any different than the Holy Spirit?

What was the Spirit predicting?

What else was revealed to them?

How were the prophets serving the readers of Peter's letter?

What were the things proclaimed in which the angels long to look?

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