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Christianity and Liberalism - J. Gresham Machen - Radio Show.

Below is the link and description to the most recent episode of the Radio show. In it we discussed J. Gresham Machen's book, "Christianity and liberalism." This show can also be downloaded as a podcast from Itunes.

Christianity and Liberalism in the thought of J. Gresham Machen on audio click link for audio

In 1923 Gresham Machen wrote a little book called “Christianity and Liberalism” that is if anything much more important today than when written. Every prophetic word therein has come to pass in our generation. Sometimes it’s hard to see how what the Church does and thinks today is recognizable as “Christianity”, from the theological form to the inevitable political expression. Are Christianity and Liberalism reconcilable? Does the Church actually understand where its current fad of ideas were born? Were we more thoughtful we might think that two faiths, in one Church, will not stand. This is a time for decision. “A house divided…” as the scriptures teach. Where do you stand? Tune in with the team and special guests Pastor Paul Viggiano of Branch of Hope Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Torrance California, and Doug Eaton of the Ist Southern Baptist Church of Downey California, hosted by Christopher Neiswonger, as we ask the hard question, Christianity and Liberalism: Can both survive?

“In my little book, Christianity and Liberalism, 1923, I tried to show that the issue in the Church of the present day is not between two varieties of the same religion, but, at bottom, between two essentially different types of thought and life. There is much interlocking of the branches, but the two tendencies, Modernism and supernaturalism, or (otherwise designated) non-doctrinal religion and historic Christianity, spring from different roots. In particular, I tried to show that Christianity is not a “life,” as distinguished from a doctrine, and not a life that has doctrine as its changing symbolic expression, but that–exactly the other way around–it is a life founded on a doctrine. (From “Christianity in Conflict,” an autobiographical essay on Machen’s life and works).”

Christianity and Liberalism in the thought of J. Gresham Machen on audio


At Saturday, March 26, 2011 5:25:00 PM, Blogger JTofflemrie said...

Our God is Sovereign, not the Government See the video Citizens’ Arrest by Coral Ridge and also my prior talk on YouTube

This has largely been overturned today in the Gov. is viewed as Sovereign, and God must be reigned in and kept in the background.
1 Timothy 6:15 “our Lord (B) Jesus Christ, 15 which God will bring about in His own time. [He is] the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords.”

At Saturday, March 26, 2011 5:31:00 PM, Blogger JTofflemrie said...

I agree that liberalism denies some miracles and original Christianity. Francis Schaeffer also has some books relating to this. Humanism has become predominate in the schools


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