Saturday, November 20, 2010

Questions for Romans 15 – The God of Hope!

1. (v.3) What does “the reproaches of those who reproached you fell on me” mean?

2. (v. 6) What will be the result if we live in harmony with one another?

3. (v. 7) Why should we welcome one another?

4. (v.8-9) Paul speaks of Jews and Gentiles; how does this affect your understanding of this passage?

5. (v. 13 and v. 4) Paul wants us to abound in hope. Where do we find the encouragement to hope?

6. (v.20-22) Why has Paul been hindered in coming to the Romans?

7. (v. 30) In what way does Paul want the original readers of his letter to strive for him?

What were Paul’s prayer requests?

8. What do these prayer requests say about the power of God over the will of men?

9. How does this chapter challenge you in regards to striving for unity with fellow Christians who may be troubled by you, even when you are in the right?

10. Does the fact that God is called “the God of hope” encourage you? If so, why?

11. When we look at the example of Paul’s life in this chapter, do you see anything that we should emulate?

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