Thursday, November 11, 2010

Questions for Romans 14: Stumbling Blocks and Weaker Christians

The way some people apply Romans 14 would mean that Christian who have freedom in Christ should be constantly walking on eggshells, but is that what Paul was intending? A proper understanding of this chapter will help us to love our fellow Christians who are troubled by something in our life that they may think is a sin but is actually permitted by Scripture. It can also help us in avoiding actual sins ourselves.

1. (V. 4) – What does it mean to judge another?

2. (V.5) – What is Paul talking about when he talks about “esteeming days?”

3. (V.8) – What does it mean “to live and die unto the Lord?”

4. (V. 13) – What does it mean to “put a stumbling block in the way of a brother?”

5. (V.14) – What does Paul mean when he writes, “it is unclean for anyone who thinks it is unclean?”

6. (V.15) – What does it mean to “destroy the one for whom Christ died?”

7. (V.23) – What does it mean when it says, “whoever has doubts is condemned?”

8. What are some examples of things that someone might think is sinful but would actually fall under Christian liberty?

9. Is there any limit to how much we should do to make sure we don't offend a weaker brother?

10. What if your brother thinks reading your Bible in public is prideful? Do you stop reading you Bible around other people?

11. What are some ways you have seen this passage abused?

12. Could it be possible for someone who thinks eating meat offered to idols is a sin, and not a matter of Christian liberty, to simply tolerate it when you do it?

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