Sunday, October 17, 2010

Questions for Romans 11: All Israel will be Saved

Today I led a Bible study through Romans chapter 11. Below are the questions we used as we went through the text. In this chapter Paul is speaking of several different groups; National Israel (ethnic Jews), the elect Jews, the elect Gentiles, ethinic Gentiles, all of the elect (both Jews and Gentiles), and all mankind (both Jews and Gentiles). In order to understand this chapter it is important to be constantly asking which group Paul has in mind. If you are up for it, read the chapter and answer these questions. It is a wonderful chapter worth diving into.

Romans 11: 1-6
-What people is Paul referring to when he asks, “Has God’s people been rejected?”
-What is Paul’s answer to this question?
-What group of people is Paul referring to when he speaks of his people whom he "foreknew?"
-What group of people is referred to as the "remnant?"
-Paul says it is “no longer of works.” Has it ever been of works?

Romans 11: 7-16
-What did Israel fail to obtain (see Roman 9:30-32)?
-What did the elect obtain?
-What happened to the rest, and who did it to them?
-What was His purpose in doing that to them?
-What does Israel’s rejection mean for the Gentiles?
-What would Israel’s acceptance mean?

Romans 11: 17-24
-What have the Gentiles been grafted into?
-Why should the Gentiles not boast against the Jews?
-What will happen to the Gentiles if they do not stand fast in the faith?
-What will happen to ethnic Israel if they believe?

Romans 11: 25-27
-What is the mystery that Paul wants us to understand?
-In verse 25, when Paul says “all Israel will be saved,” which group was he referring to.
a. All ethnic Jews who will have ever lived.
b. All the elect (both Jews and Gentiles).
c. A group of ethnic Jews alive in some future generation.

Romans 11: 28-36
-What group of people are the enemies of God for the Gentile’s sake?
-Because of election, what group of people is beloved for the sake of their forefathers?
-What does the fact that God’s calling and gifts are irrevocable have to do with national Israel?
-Who has God consigned to disobedience?
-On whom will God have mercy?
-What is Paul’s point in ending the chapter like he does?

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