Monday, November 30, 2009

More Conservative Than Scripture

Being more conservative than scripture is no more praiseworthy than being more liberal than scripture.



Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Funny Thing About a False Belief

The funny thing about a false belief is how beautiful and strong it can often appear before reality applies its pressure. Take for example the person who believes that God would never want his people to face affliction because he loves them so much that he couldn’t stand to see them suffer. During the good times, this idea has a way of sounding beautiful in that it encourages them to believe that God, in his affections toward them, is going to always keep them at peace. It can also give the perception of strength as they think of the all the dangers of this life, yet feel hedged in by a God that would never let their foot slip into distress. But when the person who holds to this false notion is tested in the furnace of affliction, they will out find how quickly it begins to crumble. In the midst of suffering they will either have to admit that their God, who does not want them to suffer, either does not exist, or he is not powerful enough to stop it. Either way, what they trusted in is gone right when they needed it the most. We must build our life upon the Word of God, because when the storms come, everything else will be washed away.

Doug Eaton


The Problem with Many "Seeker" Churches

The problem with many “seeker” churches, is that they really don’t understand people who are truly seeking after God. Usually, the person who is seeking God, is under the conviction of their sin and trying to understand how a just God could forgive them, and unfortunately, the guilt of sin and the justice of God are two things many seeker churches avoid mentioning in order to not annoy the "seeker."

Doug Eaton

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Application Without Exegesis: A Destructive Trend

Exegesis is foundational to understand scripture’s application to our lives. The problem is that many in the church want to hear the application without doing the work of the exegete. In many cases this has also been translated into the way many preachers preach. In order to keep congregants happy, they are given large amounts of life application with little if any scriptural content. This puts both the preacher and the congregant in a dangerous position, because now neither the preacher nor the churchgoer is tethered to the text. Two major problems can arise in the life of the church member because of this. First, even if the application of scripture is correct, when it is challenged by those who disagree, the church member is left defenseless when it comes to defending this truth biblically. And second, if the application is not truly derived from scripture, then the church member has been sold some kind self-help scheme as if were a “biblical principle.” And when this self help scheme eventually lets them down, not only will they be disappointed in the church, but they may even start to believe scripture is no longer trustworthy. This is indeed a destructive trend.

-Doug Eaton-

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

10 Ways Daily Bible Reading Will Enhance Corporate Worship

1. When a scripture is read you will already have some idea of the context of the passage and be able to draw more from it.

2. As you sing songs in worship you will recognize many of the passages of scriptures alluded to in the music, which will enrich the truths they are communicating.

3. You will better understand the significance of the ordinances like baptism and the Lord’s Supper, which will make you be able to see more of the imagery of the law and gospel in them.

4. As you study the text while it is being preached, you will be able to relate it to other passages of scripture not included in the sermon.

5. During discussion times you will better be able to contribute to discussions and edify others.

6. You will have a greater hunger for the word because you have been feeding on it and finding satisfaction in it. This hunger takes away much of the dryness that some people experience when attending church and makes it a pleasure to be in the house of the Lord.

7. In times of fellowship you will be able to apply the scripture to people’s lives as they talk about their daily joys and struggles.

8. It will reveal your sinfulness and give you strength as you fight against the indwelling sin in your own life, and make you better able to strengthen others. And better understanding this struggle produces contrition and begins to eliminate the pride which causes unneeded divisions in many churches.

9. As you desire success for your church, you will better understand what true church success is, and it will keep you trusting in the Lord who gives the increase instead of trusting in worldly tactics as you seek growth.

10. Since the Word moves us to prayer, you will be more prayerful as you spend time in the Lord’s house which is called a house of prayer.

This list is designed to let people know a few of the ways daily bible reading will enhance the corporate worship in bible teaching churches. If you attend a church where the bible is neglected and pop psychology is the main course, attending those types of churches while engaged in daily bible reading will only frustrate you. This is because you will find that motivational “preaching” neglects the main themes that run throughout scripture and replaces theology with therapy and replaces redemption with a self-help regimen. Of course even that frustration is a good thing.

-Doug Eaton-

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Monday, November 02, 2009

The Cities of Refuge: Sermon on Youtube

Lane Chaplin has graciously posted the Cities of Refuge sermon on youtube.


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