Thursday, March 03, 2011

1 Peter 5:1-5 Bible Study Questions

1. (V.1) Why do you think Peter takes time to address elders in the midst of suffering?

2. (V.1) What do you think Peter’s definition of “elder” would be as he uses it in this passage?

3. (V. 2) What are the implications for the elder in that they flock they shepherd is called the “flock of God?”

4. (V. 2) What does it mean to shepherd “willingly,” and why is this important?

5. (V. 3) How does being an example negate the temptation to be domineering?

6. (V. 4) How should knowing that the Chief Shepherd will appear help the elder do his job?

7. (V.5) How do we clothe ourselves with humility?

8. (V.5) What does it mean that “God opposes the proud?”

9. (V.5) Why do you think God gives grace to the Humble?

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