Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Funny Thing About a False Belief

The funny thing about a false belief is how beautiful and strong it can often appear before reality applies its pressure. Take for example the person who believes that God would never want his people to face affliction because he loves them so much that he couldn’t stand to see them suffer. During the good times, this idea has a way of sounding beautiful in that it encourages them to believe that God, in his affections toward them, is going to always keep them at peace. It can also give the perception of strength as they think of the all the dangers of this life, yet feel hedged in by a God that would never let their foot slip into distress. But when the person who holds to this false notion is tested in the furnace of affliction, they will out find how quickly it begins to crumble. In the midst of suffering they will either have to admit that their God, who does not want them to suffer, either does not exist, or he is not powerful enough to stop it. Either way, what they trusted in is gone right when they needed it the most. We must build our life upon the Word of God, because when the storms come, everything else will be washed away.

Doug Eaton