Monday, September 05, 2005

Burdens and Rest

“Oh That I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest. Psalms 55:6

David found himself again at the foot of the Lord crying out in restlessness for deliverance. Rest is what he was seeking, and as he longs for this rest he cries out for a means of escape. This world gives us plenty of opportunity to cry out in the same manner. Whether it be our toil that daily besets us, family problems, illnesses, or the frequent visits of our own failures, rest is elusive. The Lord said take my yoke upon you and I will give you rest. It’s amazing how a burden can bring rest. We see this in Genesis when Jacob is blessing his sons and he says

Issachar is a strong donkey
Lying down between two burdens;
He saw that rest was good,
And that the land was pleasant;
He bowed his shoulder to bear a burden
And became a band of servants.

Issachar and the tribe that came from him were of the working class. They see that rest is good and they bowed their shoulder to bear a burden. We too should follow their lead, realizing that rest is good and that it is found in becoming servants.

Christ took upon Himself all of our wrath, shame and sin. He bore on the cross the true burden of our sin, we simply bear the light burden of living in a sinful world as His children. The wrath that was inflicted on Christ caused God to turn away from Him. There is no greater place of despair, and no rest could be found in that moment. We as people of God bear such a light burden in comparison. In this world we may suffer shame, disease, and struggle with our own sinfulness. Which may cause us to despair but this is a light burden to bear because our condemnation comes to us from within ourselves or other people, but never from God.

As you seek rest today do it by bowing your shoulder to the yolk of Christ, and become His servant. As you toil, labor, and deal with the issues of this sinful world, rest in the knowledge that He has bourn the real burden. Rest also in the knowledge that when you have on the yolk of Christ, redemption is certain. Redemption from this world, and redemption from your own sinful nature, when at last our sojourn ends and we see Him face to face.

-Doug Eaton-


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