Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Voluntary Humility

One thing I have always found interesting about humility is that it is impossible to humble yourself. Man's heart is hard and proud and any shaping he does with his own chisel, causes greater pride, because he sees himself as the remedy for his own sickness. There are many out there who strive with voluntary humility and ascetics to dethrone self and cultivate humility. This seems to be one of the greatest form of pride. When we have cried I've done it, I've cultivated humility, we have claimed the very work of God as our own. Voluntary humility is one of pride's most beautiful masks.

-Doug Eaton-

There never was a saint yet, that grew proud of his fine feathers, but what the Lord plucked them out one by one.

There never yet was an angel that had pride in his heart, but he lost his wings, and fell into Hell, as Satan and those fallen angels did.

And there shall never be a saint who indulges in self-conceit, pride, and self-confidence, but the Lord will spoil his glories, and trample his honors in the mud, and make him cry out--"Lord have mercy on me," the least of all saints, and the"very chief of sinners."

-Charles Spurgeon-


At Wednesday, August 24, 2005 4:00:00 PM, Blogger Josh Eaton said...

That is so true. I find myself daily at war with this one. Thanks for the reminder that I can't do it.


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