Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Surpassing Value of Christ

The following quote is from John Bunyon describing the period in his life before salvation as he feared the wrath of God because of his sins. In it he makes two profound observations regarding the surpassing value of salvation over all that is temporal…

While I was thus afflicted with the fears of my own damnation, there were two things would make me wonder; the one was, when I saw old people hunting after the things of this life, as if they should live here always: the other was, when I found professors (people who professed to be Christians) much distressed and cast down, when they met with outward losses; as of husband, wife, child, etc. “Lord,” thought I, “what a-do is here about such little things as these! What seeking after carnal things, by some, and what grief in other for the loss of them! If they so much labor after, and shed so many tears for the things of this present life, how am I to be bemoaned, pitied, and prayed for! My soul is dying, my soul is damning. Were my soul but in a good condition, and were I but sure of it, ah! How rich should I esteem myself, though blessed but with bread and water! I should count those but small afflictions, and should bear them as little burdens. ‘A wounded spirit, who can bear!’”

-John Bunyan, Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners-

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