Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Communion With God - Thomas Brooks

I don't normally post this many quotes from grace gems, but these have been too good to pass up.


Communion with God is . . .
the life of your graces,
the sweetener of all ordinances,
providences and mercies,
the strengthener of your hearts and hands,
the soul of your comforts, and
the crown of your souls.

Communion with God makes the bitter things sweet; and massive things light.

Nothing like communion with God to fence you against temptations, to sweeten all afflictions, and to make you cleave to God in the face of all troubles and oppositions.

A man high in communion with God, is a man too big for temptations to conquer, or troubles to overcome. Souls that have no communion, or but little communion with God--they are usually as soon conquered as tempted, as soon vanquished as assaulted.

(Thomas Brooks, "The Hypocrite Detected")


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