Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Light in a Dark Land

I am in a dark land. A land I once called home. This land has a dark prince that oversees many of its systems. He has no real power in himself, but because the hearts of this land’s citizens are dark, they tend to fall in line most of his manipulation. Much of which they are unaware he is controlling, but this is the genius of his plan. His slavery appears to them as freedom, for many of them he has blinded to his very existence. They do his bidding, fighting against the very thing that could set them free.

I once was like them, completely convinced of my autonomy, and my freedom. In fact I was born here, and at birth my heart was already dark. As I grew all the intentions of my heart were evil. Even when I did what this land calls good, I did it with an evil heart. Some in this land have even begun to rebel at what seems to be universally known as good. They now do evil, and call it good.

So why is it that I now see what I was earlier blinded to? That is an interesting story. You see, there are some who walk this land, who are different from the rest. They have been set free from the pseudo-prince and his rule. These people would come to me, and tell me of my slavery. At first, I listened like most people do, but I knew that they were deceived, because they were the ones completely relying on another Prince to which they spoke. After some time I began to mock them, for many in this land do. Especially the ones who really seem to believe it, for there are many who use the name of this other prince but they live just like the rest of us. In fact, many are kind and gentle people but when it comes to living for this prince they speak of, it is clear that they live for all the same thing for which most people in this land live. You see this dark land has many charms; riches, power, fame, personal peace, and affluence of many sorts. The dark prince of this land has deceived many to think that this is what makes life worth living, but in the end it leads to destruction. He has to this day still many under his rule who use the name of the other prince.

The others who do not merely use the name of this other Prince, but have aligned their lives under His rule are relentless. For this world puts them down, and strikes them hard. Some have been skinned alive. Other, have been tied to large stakes, covered in tar, and set on fire for the soul purpose of giving light to the parties held by those who are under the control of the dark prince. But the real light they give has nothing to do with the fire that consumed their bodies. You may ask, what could possibly drive a person to go to such lengths. The answer is found in that these people are driven by life inside of them, something that cannot be taken away regardless of what happens to them here in this land.

As I observed, and heard the truth of which they spoke. I heard of the Spirit of this Prince that moves in their lives. It is the same Spirit that inspired men to write down the very words of God. I had been reading this book for some time while still in darkness, not believing what it was saying, or even really sure why I was reading it. Then all of a sudden the truth of those very words became clear. It was as if a shaft of light shot though my soul illuminating those passages to me. I saw my rebellion against this good prince who created and sustained all that exists. I saw all of my work done to suppress the truth of which I knew. I became tormented by the righteousness and justice which the prince embodied. Knowing that He would one day open up the winepress of His wrath upon all those who rejected Him, and He would do this because He is good. I saw in that moment that all my rebellion to Him deserved His wrath, but I read on, learning with open eyes that this prince had embodied Himself in this land and took upon Himself shame, and condemnation in order that all who call on Him could be forgiven and escape the wrath to come. At that moment I was reborn, and became one of these who were no longer under the slavery of the dark prince. For this life, this treasure, I now have in this earthen vessel for I called upon the name of the True Prince; Jesus!

Thus begins the chronicles of my sojourn.

-Doug Eaton-


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