Monday, July 17, 2006

George Mueller on Reading Scripture

Now in brotherly love and affection I would give a few hints to my younger fellow-believers as to the way in which to keep up spiritual enjoyment. It is absolutely needful in order that happiness in the Lord may continue, that the Scriptures be regularly read. These are God's appointed means for the nourishment of the inner man. . . .Consider it, and ponder over it. . . . Especially we should read regularly through the Scriptures, consecutively, and not pick out here and there a chapter. If we do, we remain spiritual dwarfs. I tell you so affectionately. For the first four years after my conversion I made no progress, because I neglected the Bible. But when I regularly read on through the whole with reference to my own heart and soul, I directly made progress. Then my peace and joy continued more and more. Now I have been doing this for 47 years. I have read through the whole Bible about 100 times and I always find it fresh when I begin again. Thus my peace and joy have increased more and more.

-George Mueller, Narrative-

He was 71 years old when he wote this and went on to live to be 92. It is estimated that he read the complete word of God nearly 200 times in his lifetime. This means he picked up his pace the older he was getting. In all of his reading he said he never reached the full depths of God's word. It was always fresh and new.

May we read the word with the same zeal,



At Tuesday, July 18, 2006 5:14:00 AM, Blogger T A Blankenship said...

AMEN. I agree with Bro. Mueller 100% (one hundred percent). I just needed to stress the point. The reading and study of the Scriptures by the individual is sorely neglected, and sadly by many pastors, too.
"Order my steps in Thy Word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me." (PS. 119:133).
I do not know how a pastor or Sunday School teacher could stand before the people without God's Word in their heart, and head.

At Wednesday, July 19, 2006 4:46:00 AM, Blogger bluecollar said...

This was a great post, Doug!


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