Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Vacation Was Great

Hey everyone,

Vacation was great. Thanks for all the kind works you left while I was gone. It was a great time of refreshing as I spent a lot of time with my wonderful wife and kids. I also had some great personal time as I had some great bike rides in the mountains.

Devotionally it was great also. I read Edward's treatise on grace. Major portions of Luther's Bondage of the Will. The book of Hebrews, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John, along with several other passages of Scripture. I was able to read the Christian History magazine on Richard Baxter and the English Puritans, and as I was riding I was also able to listen to John Piper's lectures on John Calvin (twice), John Owen, Johnathan Edwards, Martin Luther, and Augustine. Needless to say I came back extremely inspired. God is great!

My mind has been reeling in what it means to be born again and it's relationship to eternal life, and how it relates to perseverance of the saints. Also, Luther piqued my interest on some arguments regarding the idea of libertarian free will, and a host of other things. I looking forward to getting back to blogging as you guys always help me work through the issues.

God bless,



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