Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I Asked the Lord, That I Might Grow

I asked the Lord, that I might grow
In faith, and love, and every grace;
Might more of His salvation know,
And seek more earnestly His face.

I hoped that in some favoured hour
At once He'd answer my request,
And by His love's constraining power
Subdue my sins, and give me rest.

Instead of this, he made me feel
The hidden evils of my heart;
And let the angry powers of hell
Assault my soul in every part.

Yea more, with his own hand He seemed
Intent to aggravate my woe;
Crossed all the fair designs I schemed,
Blasted my gourds, and laid me low.

'Lord, why is this?' I trembling cried,
'Wilt thou pursue Thy worm to death?'
'Tis in this way,' the Lord replied,
'I answer prayer for grace and faith.

'These inward trials I employ
'From self and pride to set thee free;
'And break thy schemes of earthly joy,
'That thou may'st seek thy all in me.'

-John Newton-



At Tuesday, December 06, 2005 5:43:00 PM, Blogger edwardseanist said...

Thanks for the comment. How's things in the OC. I live up in Big Bear.

At Tuesday, December 06, 2005 8:40:00 PM, Blogger edwardseanist said...

Yes, we are in the process of starting a missionary work of the OPC. We are in our sixth week. It was quite a difficult task. Through the last couple of years a group of us have gone through our own personal reformation. We started as purpose driven Baptists, then Five point Calvinists, then Covenant theology. There are about 8 - 10 families. In the next couiple of weeks we hope to become an offficial mission work of the OPC. There is a lot that needs to be done first, btu we are under the care of the OPC as we move forward. We would love to have you when you are up here. For more info send me an email. brocseaman@mac.com


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