Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hope Shown Forth From an Infant Child

Hope shone forth from an infant child.
In the manger that cold dark night
In humility God himself appeared mild.
Yet His plan moved forward in all its might.

Salvation to humanity was born
The angels could not help but sing
This Infant Child would bear our scorn
This newborn Sovereign King.

Helpless was mankind in sin
Until the star shone forth its light
Our salvation to begin
Bringing hope to the contrite

The sin we bear has shown us guilty
Under the righteousness of God
Our defense is proven faulty
As He sees through our façade

But this Child would fulfill
This law that we could not
And by our sin, His blood we’d spill
to pay our debt and take our lot

There is no guilt, which can’t be cleansed
The darkest stains can be removed
When His Grace has been dispensed
By Jesus Christ, in Him approved

Let us worship the infant child
Born, a life, to set us free
By His grace we are beguiled
Infant born of sovereign decree
-Doug Eaton-


At Thursday, December 01, 2005 2:57:00 PM, Blogger Josh Eaton said...

Glad your back. Great Poem! Last year at Christmas I read a poem I write. Hope you don't mind if I use yours before we open gifts this year.


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