Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Difference Between Might-Makes-Right and the Right Being Mighty

“Your claim is without God might makes right, then what's the difference? God says follow me or die. Worship me or burn.”

(A response to a friend)

There is a big difference between might making right and the standard of right being mighty. The difference is this; the atheistic worldview has no ground to claim that the mighty are right or wrong other than a subjective opinion, and the fact that the Christian worldview’s standard for ethics is mighty in no way disqualifies it from being a standard for ethics. In other words, anytime an atheist argues that something is not the way it “ought” to be, they contradict their worldview, because it cannot provide a solid base for what ought to be. Whereas the Christian, no matter how mighty their standard is, is not contradicting their worldview. This type of question tends to be a red herring since it neither alleviates the atheist from their conundrum, nor does it prove that God is not the standard for ethics.

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