Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Homosexuality: Be Careful What You Say

What I find when it comes to the topic of homosexuality, is that many times Christians want to soft-peddle it in order to make people comfortable. This desire to soft-peddle tends to be driven by the outrage that is often unleashed by the homosexual community upon those who think their lifestyle is sinful. When we see this, many think, oh no, we have offended them, they will never know we love them if we do that. The problem with this type of thinking is that it usually assumes that the outrage is justified when in fact it is not. Often, the charges against Christians have nothing to do with the homosexuals actually being unloved, and have more to do with them not wanting anyone to tell them they are in sin. If we kowtow to these objections we are actually bowing in reverence to their sinful rebellion to the Word of God. I for one chose not to do this because I love them dearly and see them as totally depraved sinners, just like I was until I was brought to faith by the conviction of the Law, and told how Christ fulfilled the Law on my behalf and bore my wrath on the cross. It will not do to act like someone sins are small and then present the Gospel. Like Luther said, Christ did not pay a meager price on a meager cross for someones meager sins. He paid the ultimate price, because our sin (mine, yours, and the homosexual's) are disgusting and need to be rejected immediately.


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