Friday, May 02, 2008

The Haunting Effects of Sin

David thought it was over. His sin had been exposed and he had sought the Lord’s forgiveness and it had been granted. A right spirit had been renewed and a clean heart had been created. Then came the news that his child was seriously ill. As David was thrown to the floor in anguish, thoughts of his sin filled his mind. Months had passed but now his sin had come out from hiding to remind him of his treachery against the God of the universe.

Years later another son of his rebels against him, and once again David is reminded of the sword that has been driven into his family because of what he had done. Another fierce reminder that he, at one point, actually thought he knew better than Lord of all creation. In his sinful nature he desired something that the Lord had forbidden, but David ignored the law because he thought it would be better if things where done his way. Oh’ but how that sin has haunted him. How many times he thought he was done with it, he had repented, he had been forgiven, but regardless of all that, it seemed to pursue him. Though it had no hold on his life, and there was no possibility that his sin could exact its wages from him, due to the redemptive plan and work of God, it was not going to let him forget.

It seemed to sit in silence for long periods of time just to make David comfortable. Then as he would be going about his day, there would be those moments when something, whether it something he saw or something he heard, gave his sin an opportunity to spring up on him and cloak his day with darkness by taunting him of his failures and reminding him of his foolishness.

You see, one or two moments of sin do not simply last for a season. Many times they have a way of coming back in little reminders which sink your spirits every now and again, and the fact that it comes on when you least expect it is what makes it all the more difficult. After it happens a few times it can also cause you to begin to look over your shoulder in preparation for it to happen again, until you feel it trying to stifle you in your work for the Lord. It can even cause a hesitancy to step out into new areas of ministry because of what it might do when you venture out into new territory.

As it did with David, sin has a way of robbing us of peace and joy. It can weaken, embarrass, and grieve us years after the indiscretion. On top of all that, if the enemies of God find out, they begin to rejoice, mocking the God we love because of what we have done.

If you are toying with sin, or considering spurning God’s loving standards to feed your flesh, you might want to think twice. Because what you do could linger for years to come. Now if this warning comes a bit too late and you already know from experience that all of this is true, you must remember that the haunting cannot ultimately hurt you. Remember that our sovereign God, who has taken your sin and bore it’s wages on the cross has promised to never lose His child, and has promised that all things will work together for the good of those that who love Him; even the haunting effects of sin. Though they can be troubling and painful, He is using all things to accomplish His purposes in your life. His plans are to prosper and not to harm you, He will finish the work he has started in you, and with a little wrestling, He can change your name from Jacob, the heel-catcher and deceiver, to Israel; the prince of God.

Ultimately, David never forgot his sin, but that did not stop God from calling him “a man after His own heart.” As king of Israel, the Lord has used his example to show the world his love and forgiveness, and that the Lord can use anyone in a mighty way, even those with serious failures in their past. Sin can haunt the repentant believer all it wants, but ultimately it cannot separate them from God’s love. Even though the enemy naively believes that he is going to stifle them by it, the sovereign God is using it to conform them to the image of His Son. And let us never forget that it was the haunting effects of sin that the Lord used in David life, which caused him to draw up under the wing of his Lord, and through it birthed several of his Psalms which were inspired by the Holy Spirit and considered the very Words of God.

In an interesting way the Lord uses the haunting effects of sin to bring his child to the point were we will no longer be able to be haunted by them. By using them to conform us to His image, not only will we avoid sin in the future, but when the accuser rears his head, we will understand that all His work is in vain and the more he tries to afflict us, the more we will grow (Ex. 1:12), And before long, Satan will be looking over his shoulder, because greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.


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At Friday, May 02, 2008 8:41:00 PM, Blogger Tim A. said...

That is a great article. It is so sad to hear someone say, "I am the only one my sin will hurt", then they can look, and see other situations where someone said that same thing, but a family was destroyed, a ministry, lives changed forever, and not always for the good.
That little secret sin is not secret with the Lord. As He has said, "Be sure your sin will find you out." Though we are forgiven and the weight and guilt of sin is cast into the "depths of the sea" and as far away as east is from west, the devil will afflict us, and remind us, and then, we are reminded again of the great grace of our God.
Thanks. I appreciate you and your family.

At Monday, May 12, 2008 5:51:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was balm for my soul.
Thank you.


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