Saturday, July 28, 2007

Outline for the Book of Acts

The College and Career class at our church just finished reading through the books of acts. Here is the outline we will be covering tomorrow for review. I thought I would post it in case any of you might find it helpful.

Introduction (1:1-26)

I. The Birth of the Church Through the Ministry of Peter. (2:1-12:25)

A. The Spread of the Gospel in Jeruslem.

  1. Pentecost (2:1-47)

  2. The Roots of the Gospel in Jerusalem (3:1-5:16).

  3. Aggressive Opposition (5:17-42)

  4. The Appointment of the Seven and Stephen’s Martyrdom (6:1-8:4).

B. The Spread of the Gospel in all Judea and Samaria (8:5-12:25)

  1. Philip the Evangelist: The Gospel Goes to Samaria (8:5 – 12:25)

  2. The Conversion and Baptism of the Ethiopian Enuch (8:5 – 25)

  3. The Conversion of Saul (9:1-31)

  4. The Continuation of Peter’s Work in Judea: the Gospel Goes to the Gentiles (9:32-10:48)

  5. The Contention in Jerusalem Regarding Christianity for the Gentiles (11:1-18)

  6. The Penetration of the Gospel to Areas Adjacent to Palestine (11:19-12:25).

II. The Missionary Expansion of the Church Through the Ministry of Paul (13:1-28:31)

A. The Ministry of Saul and Barnabas; The First Missionary Journey (13:1-14:28)

B. The Jerusalem Conference: The Church’s Formal Extension of the Gospel (15:1-35)

C. The Confirmation of New Churches (15:1-35)

D. The Ministry of Paul and Silas: the Second Missionary Journey (16:1-18:22)

E. The Ministry of Paul and Silas Continues: The Third Misssionary Journey (18:23-21:16)

F. Paul Takes the Gospel to Rome (21:17-28:31)

  1. Paul is Arrested in Jerusalem (21:17-36)

  2. Paul Speaks to His Countrymen (21:37-22:29)

  3. Paul Speaks to the Sanhedrin (22:30-23:11)

  4. Paul Goes to Caesarea (23:12-35)

  5. Paul Speaks to Felix and is Imprisoned at Caesarea for two years (24:1-27)

  6. Paul Speaks to Festus (25:1-12).

  7. Paul Speaks to Festus Agrippa, and Bernice (25:13-26:32)

  8. Paul Sails for Rome (27:1-28:10)

  9. Paul Arrives in Rome; Under House Arrest for two years (28:11-31)

-From the "Believer’s Study Bible"- W. A Criswell

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